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lydia (she/her)

lydia has been behind the chair since 2017, and started out with us as our baby apprentice. she worked closely with our team gradually growing her way up to full time stylist.


lydia might be the stylist for you if you're looking for a short haircut (special shout out for her solid fading skills) or if your hair is curly/wavy. she loves creating movement and texture in hair, allowing her clients to enjoy low-maintenance and lived in cuts. think layers, shags, mullets and wolf cuts. lydia also enjoys contrasting colour placement such as colour blocking, peekaboos or money pieces.


outside of work lydia is an exceptional artist who is always taking on new personal projects, from painting to embroidery to clay work. she is also a bit of a melomaniac, with no limitations to her music preference. some days it's doja cat, other days pink floyd or jungle.

french                                                  english

extrovert                                              introvert


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