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malorie has over 15 years of experience in the hair industry, and this is reflected in her work. she completed her hairdressing program in london, gaining international experience and skill.

malorie is currently loving the 70s/80s goth and punk revival because she has a passion for edgy, textured and out of the box hair cuts. mullets and shags are right up her alley. if that's not your jam don't worry, malorie is a master of her trade and offers exceptional short, mid length or long traditional cuts. she is also known for her volumous and long lasting blowouts. colour is another passion of hers, especially unique and contrasting placements.​

in her free time you can likely catch malorie at a local punk gig or hanging out with her cats. she finds happiness in DIY projects, and has a bunch of various hobbies (your certain to have one in common).



french                                                  english

extrovert                                              introvert

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